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Health for people
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The idea,
that drives us

Cannabis has been used by humans as a remedy for centuries. In recent years, modern science has also rediscovered the great potential of this plant. With Bios Farms Distribution, we want to support this movement so that as many people as possible can soon enjoy the benefits of the cannabis plant for health and well-being.


Best quality

Cannabis as a stimulant & medicine should not only convince in effect, but also in taste. For this level of quality, a careful cultivation of each plant to the perfect flowers is necessary. For this reason, the decisive processes are carried out individually and by hand.



High potency


Our cannabis is developed according to the highest pharmaceutical standards and thus represents an effective but gentle product. At the same time, it is our claim to reliably deliver consistent quality. 


Sustainable cultivation

Along with the outstanding quality of our cannabis, the sustainability of our business is a top priority at Bios Farms Distribution.
Our energy-saving production depends on a healthy climate and vice versa. We want to preserve this cycle and therefore act completely climate-neutral.



Satisfied customers

Therapies with cannabis are sprouting up all around the world. To pave the way from the very beginning, we put special emphasis on the effect and tolerability of our product.
This is our contribution claim to the consistent wellbeing of all consumers.


People & Product

Naturally sustainable -
naturally tested

We produce not only highly potent, but also sustainable cannabis. We can access over 250 different cannabis strains; optionally with dominant THC or CBD profiles, as well as rare cannabinoids and terpenes. This diversity allows us to cater to almost any application.
No matter which variety - safety for people and the environment is our top priority. That's why we at Bios Farms Distribution are committed to growing according to the strict requirements of EU-GMP and EU-GACP.

Quality and safety

The requirements of the EU-GACP (Good Agricultural and Collection Practices) oblige us to use qualified equipment and to train our employees regularly. Through detailed work processes, it is possible to trace every single flower from the consumer back to us.
Everything that happens after the harvest falls under the EU GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) guidelines. Trimming, drying, packaging and storage are strictly controlled and documented. This is the only way we can meet the high quality standards and assure our customers of an effective product.
The purity of our plants is confirmed by independent laboratories and consistently shows the same composition.

We are climate neutral

Climate neutral without detours

Due to our production in South Africa, we can already replace a large part of our electricity consumption with direct sunlight. The remaining energy is also provided by the sun, as all machines and equipment on our farm are powered 100% by solar energy.

Nevertheless, when we transport our flowers, we generate CO₂. For this reason, we at Bios Farms Distribution apply independent, natural compensation measures to offset the greenhouse gases produced.
Thanks to this compensation, the entire company is climate neutral.

How we keep our CO₂ emissions low

Efficient cultivation.
The sun as an energy supplier

Working processes

Utilisation of natural
climatic conditions

Our team

The Bios Farms Distribution team is made up of various disciplines. Our fields are agribusiness, management, biochemistry, architecture, energy consulting, HVAC and communications. Experience, conviction, and professional and local knowledge allow us to provide the highest level of service in these areas.

Udo Günther-Dreisbusch

CEO and founder
Graduate Architect BA (Hons)
Energy consultant

Dr. Dietmar Schell

GMP / GACP Spezialist

Dietlinde Hofherr

Project management
and founder

da Costa

Coordinater SA


For questions, information, suggestions and ideas, please contact us by e-mail at info@biosfarms.com or call us.

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